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The B20 is a network of business associations, working in collaboration to maintain a dynamic dialogue between the private business community, G20 member countries and the relevant international institutions. This dialogue contributes to the development of a stable, sustainable and equitable global economic growth by stimulating private job creation and investment.

Primary objectives of B20 are to:

  • Contribute to the further development of G20 by proposing both general ideas and specific recommendations coming from the business community
  • Promote transparency of B20 and G20 discussion and G20 compliance with own commitments 
  • Encourage the G20 private sector to undertake initiatives contributing to the solution of the global issues

Toronto Business Summit, June 2010

In Toronto, the B20 addressed the following issues:

  • Recession and recovery
  • Risk and regulation in the financial services sector
  • Drivers of sustainable growth
  • The future of G20 private sector cooperation

Seoul Business Summit, August 2010

In the Seoul G20 Business Summit, approximately 120 top business leaders from G20 and some non-G20 countries collaboratively addressed “the Role of Business for Sustainable and Balanced Growth.” The summit consisted of roundtable sessions bringing together members of 12 working groups:

  • Working Group on Revitalizing World Trade
  • Working Group on  Encouraging Foreign Direct Investment
  • Working Group on  Funding and Nurturing the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Sector
  • Working Group on Supporting Economic Growth and the Implications for Financial Sector Policy and Regulatory Reforms
  • Working Group on Reducing Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus
  • Working Group on Closing the Gap in Infrastructure and Natural Resource Funding
  • Working Group on Improving Energy Efficiency
  • Working Group on Encouraging Substantial Use of Renewable and Low-Carbon Energy
  • Working Group on Creating Green Jobs
  • Working Group on Unleashing Technology-Enabled Productivity Growth
  • Working Group on Addressing the Impact of Youth Unemployment
  • Working Group on Increasing Access to Healthcare in Developing Economies

Cannes Business Summit, November 2011

At the time of the Cannes Business Summit during November 2011, global economic growth was decelerating and investor confidence was eroding after the global financial crisis of 2008-09. In such a crossroad of global economy, the B20 Summit was organized around twelve topics, crucial to the Business community and the G20. The Presidents of the business confederations of the G20 countries, as well as 120 CEOs and Chairmen from a number of global companies gathered in 12 working groups. In Cannes B20, the priorities were given to the following areas:

  • Economic Policies
  • Financial Regulation 
  • International Monetary System 
  • Commodities and Raw Materials 
  • Development and Food Security
  • Employment and Social Dimension
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Trade and Investment
  • ICT and Innovation
  • Global Governance
  • Energy
  • Green Growth

Los Cabos Business Summit, 2012

In preparation for the Mexican summit B20 members collaborated in seven groups to generate recommendations for the G20 leaders in the following areas:

  • Trade and investment
  • Employment
  • Improving transparency
  • Food security 
  • Green growth 
  • Information and communication technologies and innovation 
  • Financing for growth and development

St. Petersburg Business Summit, June 20-21, 2013

The 5th B20 Summit entitled “B20-G20 was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia on June 20-21, 2013. This summit brought together over 500 leading businessmen from Russia and abroad and world’s leading experts on global economy.

The commentary emerging from the Summit is reflected in the White Book - the final version of the Business 20 proposals for the G20 Leaders concerning key economic challenges faced by the global community.

Sydney Business Summit, July 16-18, 2014

The 6th B20 Summit was held in Sydney, Australia on July 16-18, 2014. During 2014, the B20 worked under 5 task forces:

  • Trade Task Force
  • Human Capital Task Force
  • Financing Growth Task Force
  • Infrastructure and Investment Task Force
  • Anti-Corruption Working Group. Each task force prepared and submitted a report containing their recommendations. Based on these reports and their deliberations, B20 has submitted a report titled “Driving Growth and Jobs: B20 Policy Recommendations to the G20 ” ) to the G20 Leaders.

India is represented by CII in the B20. Director General of CII, participated in the interaction meeting with the G20 Leaders on November 14, 2014 in Brisbane, Australia.

B20 in Turkish G20 Presidency

  • B20 held their first meeting in the G20 Turkish Presidency year in Istanbul on December 17, 2015.
  • B20 Turkey EmploymentTaskforce Meeting was held on February 26 in Antalya
  • B20 SMEs & Entrepreneurship Taskforce Meeting was held on March 6, 2015 in Istanbul
  • Fifth G20-OECD Annual High-Level Conference on Anticorruption: “Placing Integrity at the Heart of the Business Culture” was held on 6 March 2015 in Istanbul.
  • B20 Southeast Asian Regional Consultation Meeting was held in Singapore on April 10
  • B20 Taskforces held their joint meetings in Washington DC on 16th and 17th of April.
  • B20 launched the International Business Advisory Council (IBAC) meeting in Washington DC on 17th April.
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