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G20 India Secretariat

The G20 India Secretariat is established in the Multilateral Relations Division of the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance to coordinate work on all the G20 related matters in the Government of India.

As G20 emerged as the premier international forum of economic cooperation, support structure in the Government of India has also been strengthened with the establishment of a separate secretariat to provide secretarial and technical support on all G20 matters.

G20 India Secretariat also provides secretarial and technical support to the Apex Council on G20 Issues, under the Chairmanship of the Finance Minister, established to provide direction to the preparation of policy and country response to issues contemplated in the G20 and to advice the Prime Minister as required; and to consider any other issues of international economic relations or issues that may have wide policy ramifications that may be referred to the Apex Council by the Department of Economic Affairs.

India's position in the G20 platform is formulated through discussions and involvement of all Government of India Ministries and Departments. Inputs from external experts are also taken on various issues. The Secretariat also coordinates the work of other Ministries involved in specific areas of work under G20 Agenda in which they represent India in the G20 Ministerial meetings and Working Groups. G20 India Secretariat also receives inputs from external expertise on various issues through Advisory Groups of eminent scholars and also through DEA Research Programme on the G20 Issues currently undertaken with the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP).